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With university of westminster



Now is an exciting time to join Information Systems and Support (ISS) at the University of Westminster as we embark on our Digital Strategy.

At Westminster, digital is at the heart of everything we do. We ensure the appropriate use of technology to enhance our teaching and learning, facilitate innovative research and improve the efficiency of, and access to all of the services that we offer.

Digital is being designed into the core of all our academic and professional services provision, business change and investment proposals rather than being added on later as an afterthought.

With a focus on customer experience, technology excellence and team wellbeing and resilience, Information Systems and Support enables colleagues to deliver the best teaching and learning experience possible.

We continue to invest significantly in our digital environment and our people with more than £40mn investment planned over the next 5 years. Join us and become part of a dynamic, growing and innovative team.

Russell Poole

Director of Information Systems and Support