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With university of westminster

About ISS

About ISS

ISS delivers a comprehensive portfolio of ICT services to the University’s user community of 18,000 students and staff across a number of sites in the heart of London’s West End and Harrow campuses. We work closely with the business to deliver digital transformation through the use and introduction of new and innovative technology solutions.

ISS consists of four core groups: ICT Developments, ICT Operations, Business Transformation and Service Management. Working collaboratively these departments enable the successful delivery of a range of projects and technology solutions that enable the University of Westminster to create a more digitally connected campus.

We have a firm focus on staff wellbeing and development, working with the teams to develop their capabilities for both work and life. This includes expert support on personal and team resilience as well as technical development programmes and training.

The University of Westminster is a great place to work and offers not just long term career possibilities but also an opportunity to work in an innovative, forward thinking, inclusive and complex organisation that provides a diverse range of technology services to an ever changing user base.

Our team is growing as we further develop our digital environment and as part of this we are looking to expand and develop the ISS Team to help drive innovation and digital transformation across the University and partners.

ICT Developments

Focuses on the design and continuous development of IT services including systems and infrastructure development, applications, web and data security. These teams are involved in the design and build of any technical changes and improvements, developing news systems and services and creating the roadmap for the future. Teams include: Data Security; Enterprise Systems Developments (ESD); and Business Systems Developments (BSD).

ICT Operations

Working closely with our Development team the ICT Operations team also has three core teams, Enterprise Systems, Business Systems, and Infrastructure, Data & Telecoms. These teams are key in the day to day delivery of our services, managing and maintaining our infrastructure, systems and applications and ensuring we deliver operational excellence and efficiencies across our IT Service offering.

Business Transformation

Responsible for the governance and delivery of strategic transformation programmes through technology-enabled business change. They are the key entry point for all engagement relating to new improvement ideas, process and technology changes. Teams include: Business Relationship Management (BRM); and the Programme Management Office (project management and business analysis).

Service Management

Responsible for managing all customer facing queries, incidents or requests relating to systems and technology; providing support for audio-visual technology and IT equipment; and management of the contracts and suppliers underpinning all enterprise technology. Teams include the IT Service Desk and site based ServiceLine Response teams.