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Hero (About us)


With university of westminster

About us

About us

About Westminster

  • We are the UK’s first polytechnic institution, established 180 years ago to educate the working people of London. We have become known for the many ways in which we help our students to realise their full potential, regardless of background.
  • Our teaching is practical, relevant and contemporary.
  • Our research has impact in the world, is internationally recognised and informs our teaching.
  • We are progressive and questioning. Many of our achievements are ground-breaking, yet we are also compassionate and caring.
  • Our spirit reflects our location at the heart of a world city which is home to diverse communities and has global reach.
  • We provide grounded, holistic education with wide horizons and opportunities, so that people from every background can realise their true potential, contributing to a richer, happier society.

Our Values


We look forwards, anticipate what’s changing and embrace the new with energy and imagination.


We are thoughtful and sensitive, supportive and encouraging, making time to talk, especially when the pressure is on. As a University community we are inclusive and united, careful to consider what enables each and every one of us to play our part.


Individually and collectively, we take responsibility for our actions, work to the highest ethical standards and help each other to always do the right thing.