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Environment & Purpose

The Prison Environment & GFSL’s Purpose

The Prison Environment

If you’ve not worked in a prison environment before (and don’t worry if you haven’t – it isn’t a requirement for the roles), you will be forgiven for thinking it might be a very demanding environment. In many respects it is, but that’s what makes it interesting.

Prison buildings vary from the very modern to late 19th and early 20th century builds. Major refurbishment programmes are in progress at many of the older establishments. There’s always something new to get on with, and these are some of the most interesting environments in the government’s portfolio of buildings.

And firm focus is always on creating and maintaining a safe working environment for everybody. You will have limited contact with the prisoner community, and you will never be isolated or put at risk as you will be supported in an establishment that operates to strict safety protocols at all times.

It’s this need for everyone to safely work together that develops the camaraderie and trust across a highly supportive team, contributing in a role that is critical to the smooth running of the prisons, which can be hugely rewarding.

GFSL’s Purpose

Delivering services in prison establishments can be challenging, but it is also hugely rewarding. By working at GFSL you will be contributing to society in enabling a key part of the justice system to work.

In addition, GFSL helps the Prison Service reduce reoffending by providing opportunities for prisoners to develop skills and gain work experience, currently supporting over a million hours per year of work by prisoners across the prisons they maintain.

So by helping people to be housed securely and safely while in prison, and by supporting them to develop key skills, GFSL’s team is contributing to the protection of communities by supporting people to get back on track and make better life choices, making a difference to people’s lives. And you can too.

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