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Panel member

Each Panel member will be responsible for making fair and reasoned decisions, with colleagues, on all matters referred by regulatory case teams to the Panel for decision on the use of powers.

Each Panel member will need to be able to demonstrate:

  • Analytical skills: including ability to analyse significant and complex data / reports relating to pension schemes – including representations from organisations under scrutiny and senior executives within the Regulator.
  • Sound, consistent, robust, judgement and decision making skills: as part of the Panel and in chairing individual case panels, making critical decisions, based on available information and legislative provisions, on whether/how the Regulator should exercise its powers.
  • Independent adjudication and reasoning skills: maintaining an independent, objective perspective on highly sensitive cases – at times relating to the commercial, operational and governance arrangements for organisations under scrutiny.
  • Team working, collaboration and communication skills: working together with other Panel members to reach and to set out reasoned decisions.
  • Process management skills: both providing and receiving feedback on the working arrangements within the Regulator, as they affect the Panel‘s activities.

For each post the member will have:

  • Board level experience in an appropriate business / finance / public sector background;
  • Proven ability in impartial decision making within a statutory framework;
  • Proven ability in weighing evidence, setting out reasoned decisions, understanding principles of legislation, working with colleagues;
  • Knowledge of the environment within which the public sector and regulation works.

Members may also bring specific expertise: including legal, financial or economics expertise as well an understanding of the need to reflect the interests of pension scheme members, and/or consumer matters.

The Chair

The Panel Chair will need to demonstrate the same key experience and competency requirements as for each Panel member.

Additionally the Panel Chair will need to be able to demonstrate:

  • Leadership skills and experience: to lead the Panel as a whole; to ensure that through its decision making and reasoning the Panel consistently commands credibility with key stakeholders;
  • Support individual Panel members, including through regular appraisal and ensure members have the necessary skills for their roles;
  • Management skills and experience: including to provide guidance to the Panel’s administrative support team.

Changes to the Regulator’s scheme funding, information-gathering and anti-avoidance powers have enabled it to be clearer about what it expects from employers in relation to scheme funding, and tougher where a scheme is not getting the funding it needs.

More information about the roles can be found in the candidate pack under the key document section.

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