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Be part of the team defining the digitisation of global shipping.

At Sea/ we're bringing true digital transformation to the global shipping industry by bringing to market technology that enhances the way shipping professionals work.

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Company Overview

Company Overview

We design, develop and sell online software that is transforming the global shipping industry.

Sea/ was established in 2016 following recognition of the need for digitisation in the shipping industry, and as a response to growing appetite in the market for online tools for trade. Sea/ is part of the Clarksons Group – one of the largest integrated shipping providers in the world. This gives employees within Sea/ the opportunity to work alongside shipping professionals to learn about the industry and existing ways of working, in order that solutions can be digitised and shaped to provide real value. This is key to our success in that we are not looking to replicate existing offline processes, but challenge the status quo and improve approaches to achieve efficiencies, excel in business and industry.

Our unique position also provides the advantage of working within a small-medium sized, fast-paced, entrepreneurial team, but with the comfort of being part of a larger FTSE 250 business, all under one roof.

Please contact the following contact details Nick Oakley at Hays IT on - Tel: 0121 2301455 - E: nicholas.oakley@hays.com

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What is Sea/?

85% of the world’s trade is carried by sea and in order for that to happen effectively ship brokers must liaise with cargo owners and vessel owners to ensure that cargo can get from A to B. Sounds simple? Well, add in the fact that there are over 60,000 vessels that need to be tracked in real time, receiving in excess of 8,000 vessel positions every minute, port fees, piracy waters, armed guards, carbon emission tariffs, water temperatures, onward logistics chains, shipping route limitations, trade sanctions, contamination, vessel speeds, delivery dates, audit trails, compliance and regulations, contractual agreements and many more factors to consider, you can start to understand the complexity involved in fixing a ship and operating a voyage.

Imagine further that these individual complexities are offline, handled manually and exist in separate systems and then you can appreciate the need for complete digital transformation in this area. Welcome to Sea/.

Sea/ is an online platform made up of a growing number of modules which enable the end-to-end process of fixing a freight transaction. It is utilised by shipping professional including brokers, operations managers, analysts, cargo owners and vessel owners.