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Hasmonean High School Multi Academy Trust is made up of two schools on separate campuses which lie a mile apart. The Boys’ school is in Hendon and the Girls’ is in Mill Hill. The school was set up by Dr Rabbi Schonfeld, originally to educate children saved from the Holocaust. The schools share a common staff and together they are a centre of educational excellence serving the Orthodox Jewish Community of North-West London.

Hasmonean is one of the best performing comprehensive schools in the country: our students attain consistently high standards in their GCSE, A/S and A Level examinations. The vast majority of our graduates go on to study in world-class seminaries, before pursuing university education and a wide variety of careers. The highest expectations are shared by students, staff and parents.

Alongside our commitment to education is a determination that every Hasmonean student understands their place in their own community and wider British society. Teaching them to embrace their place in the world around them is achieved through various aspects of our curriculum and a broader social, moral, spiritual and cultural (SMSC) educational programme.

Students have the opportunity to learn how to integrate with others from different backgrounds and respect British Values and the different cultures that make up our society. We expect our students to play a meaningful role in society and provide many opportunities during their school life for them to do so.

Students are taught to love and cherish their religion and culture, to explore its rich depths and to be enriched by them; and that living an ethical life is a privilege rather than a burden. They are also taught to respect people of other faiths (or no faith), those who come from different cultures and those who choose to lead different lives. Underpinning this is a clear expectation, modelled by our staff, that everyone, regardless of their background should be treated with dignity, courtesy, kindness and respect.

We have a first-class staff dedicated to making our school a happy and purposeful school for students. Each student is valued regardless of their economic background or academic ability, along with his or her parents or carers. We aim to maximise each student’s potential within a caring, disciplined and ordered environment, and, in return, expect all students to respect and support the values on which our community is based, to act as role models to other students, to try their best and to act with a kind heart.

Andrew McClusky

Andrew McClusky

CEO of Hasmonean MAT


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