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The Home Office is building for the future. We’re creating digital solutions the country can rely on. We’re attracting the very best DDaT professionals. We’re investing in our people. We’re backing our civil servants. It’s the right time to join us.

We have fantastic plans to operate in more digital and agile ways, truly reflecting the industry we’re proud to be part of. To make sure we’re lithe and delivery focussed we have created a bespoke career framework for our DDaT technical specialists. This is the Government Digital Service (GDS) DDaT Profession through a Home Office lens.

Our framework provides clear role descriptions, so everyone knows what they and each other are doing, and career and learning pathways to get you to where you want to be. We give you the tools to be successful and you’ll know we’re giving attention and priority to your career.

That’s not enough though. A framework is great but it’s nothing if we don’t live it. So we’ve invested in a new structure in support. Heads of Role and Senior Civil Service Sponsors have the time, capacity and knowledge to lead roles and clusters of roles within the profession.

Why is this important? These senior professionals have accountabilities to ensure we get, keep and cycle the right people, that those people can develop their technical capability and that they also feel part of thriving communities to be proud of. We’re so focussed on creating the best communities and culture we’re looking out across government to link up with our friends in other departments.

We also have a Profession Management function which looks after the profession for you. Amongst other things it provides access to industry leading technical continuous professional development through Pluralsight and Safari Books. Our corporate membership of the British Computer Society (BCS) gives you industry recognised accreditation. We know investing in your career will give us a collective strength we need to face any challenge.

We’ve also taken an industry lead in the way we attract our talent – our apprenticeships, internships and nurturing of junior people is something we’re very proud of and our Heads of Role are very much in position to support.

We think your joining the Home Office will be excellent for you and excellent for us. We hope you agree! If you’d like to hear what our DDaT professionals are saying about working for the Home Office please have a read of our Home Office Digital Blog.

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