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Our Digital, Data and Technology department plays a pivotal role in ensuring that we’re able to provide an innovative, open and trusted company register.

The data on the register was searched 9.9 billion times in 2020 to support the making of millions of business decisions.

The rates at which Companies House needs to adapt to changing customer, service user and stakeholder expectations, legislation and new technical capabilities is rising. This requires a high-performance culture of creative collaboration, supported by empowering leadership at all levels alongside technical innovations

All services, inside and out, are being renewed with digital journeys, using automation to improve the accuracy and efficiency of our data, while continuing to deliver an excellent customer experience. Our services and data must be accessible and usable by all, so that creating and maintaining a company and searching about companies remains as simple as possible, maximising the value of the register to the UK economy.

Our people, services and data are key to the successful delivery of our transformation.

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Our services and data are used to provide transparency and build confidence in the UK economy.

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I love my team, they're so diverse, knowledgeable, professional and fun. They'll all be critical to supporting Companies House in transforming, challenging the way things are done and using their knowledge and skills to change things for the better - for us and for our customers.

Head of Agile Delivery Profession at Companies House.

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DDaT professions

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IT Services

Our role is to ensure the supportability, reliability, and continuity of our internal and external digital services, software and infrastructure.

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Product Delivery

We’re accountable for the delivery of digital products and services. Our agile approach ensures we deliver services at the speed of user need.

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Software Engineering

We engineer the software that enables the effective delivery of Companies House services to meet the expectations of the organisation and its users.

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Cyber Security & Governance

We maintain the security of Companies House’s data by focussing on 3 objectives – confidentiality, integrity and availability.

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Data Science, Analysis & Insight

We undertake data analysis and research to ensure that our organisation makes evidence-based decisions using good quality information.

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Innovation & Outreach

We focus on our people, culture and engagement -delivering outreach initiatives that place diversity and inclusivity at the heart of everything we do.

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