Everything they do is underpinned by five core values. These values shape the way they work as they pursue their vision of a world where no one, no matter how complex their disabilities is isolated, left out, or unable to fulfil their potential.

They include

They are determined to provide a place where everyone belongs. Where difference is valued, and no one is left out. They take time to understand each other, however they may communicate. And they involve each other, especially in the things that affect them directly.

They collaborate

They bring people together and make connections. Because though they may all connect differently, they are all connected. And by sharing, learning, working and contributing together, you can achieve so much more.

They find a way

They think creatively, seeing potential and possibility. Always finding a way, however long it takes.

They challenge

They think risk is a part of life to embrace and work with, not avoid. They constantly challenge themselves and the status quo, working hard to make the world a place for everyone. When things go wrong, they're honest, they learn, they do better.

They celebrate

All achievements are worth celebrating. Those moments and milestones - the ordinary and extraordinary - that give meaning and purpose to life. They notice them and celebrate. Inspiring them to keep going.