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About us

As the professional regulator of nurses and midwives in the UK, and nursing associates in England, we work to ensure these professionals have the knowledge and skills to deliver consistent, quality care that keeps people safe.

We set the education standards professionals must achieve to practise in the United Kingdom. When they have shown both clinical excellence and a commitment to kindness, compassion and respect, we welcome them onto our register of over 700,000 professionals. Once registered, nurses, midwives sand nursing associates must uphold the standards and behaviours set out in our Code so that people can have confidence that they will consistently receive quality, safe care wherever they’re treated.

We promote lifelong learning through revalidation, encouraging professionals to reflect on their practice and how the Code applies in their day-to-day work. On the rare occasions that care goes wrong, or falls short of people’s expectations, we can step in to investigate, and take action when needed. But we want to prevent something going wrong in the first place. So, we promote a culture that encourages professionals to be open and learn from mistakes, gives the public an equal voice and where everyone involved is treated with kindness and compassion.

If we’re to play our part in making sure safe, high quality and consistent standards of care can be delivered, we need to continue to improve. That is why we are working with people, professionals and our partners to co-produce a new long-term strategy, one that’ll help us to support nurses, midwives and nursing associates to deliver even better, safer care.

An exciting place to work

We’re a high-profile organisation with an extremely important mission: better and safer care. From Professional Standards to People and Organisational Effectiveness our departments have very different responsibilities but they all play a vital role in helping to achieve this goal. The environment we work in is fast-paced and we’re constantly responding to changes in politics and society as a whole.

The way we work

The way we work matters to us and our offices are supportive, inclusive environments, where our approach to work is underpinned by a set of shared values. To help us to deliver our vision, we have four important behaviours.

  • Working together.
  • Shaping the future.
  • Being accountable.
  • Leading.

We encourage agile and flexible working where possible and reward staff with a range of benefits.