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In early 2015, ICT implemented changes to transform a department formerly organised along application and technology lines into a service focused, future-facing team. Merely operating the IT effectively is not going to be good enough for the future – there’s a huge opportunity for us to leverage digital technology both in delivery of education and the way in which we support research, and that requires a transformational mind-set. We have the chance to leapfrog the competition in the sector but we have to have a clear vision.

In order to do that, we’ve put more emphasis on closer engagement with stakeholders and agile delivery of change. We’re stepping up our project planning and delivery capability and introducing robust governance and process to assure quality and effectiveness. Of course, we’re developing our people too, nurturing and broadening skills and talents and fostering an ethos of strong, inspirational leadership and supportive, collaborative working.

We’re well on the way to realising our vision to create an accessible, agile and even more greatly respected and valued hub of ICT expertise, with service delivery at its core. Now we’re seeking exceptional and enthusiastic new recruits to join our team.

It’s a great time to join us, there are exciting challenges ahead. Cybersecurity is a big one. We’ve got some really valuable digital assets and there’s a challenge around handling data and protecting it from misuse.

Data storage has continuing growing importance and there’s a pressing demand to harness more big data processing technology enabling advanced computing methods for cutting-edge research – all in the context of a growing College estate. And, consistently rapid innovations and advances in commercial and educational technologies means we need to stay one step ahead. One of the most enlightening aspects of my time here at Imperial has been having contact with students and experiencing the clarity with which they describe how they’d like to improve their experience.

It’s our job to deliver IT solutions that can help translate that vision into practical, day-to-day reality.