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Who we are

Our mission is to promote the good of the people of the UK by maintaining monetary and financial stability.

We know our work matters to people up and down the UK. From setting the ‘Bank Rate’ - which aims to keep price rises (inflation) at the Government's target, all the way through to monitoring the financial system, reducing risks, and keeping people's money safe.

We also work behind the scenes to make sure payments happen every single second of every day. From the 4.6 billion-plus banknotes we’ve issued that are currently in circulation, to the £775 billion of payments we settled every working day in 2022/23.

We are known by peers for our innovative thinking on policy and strategy. By working here, you can contribute to career-defining work at the heart of the UK economy.

What does the Bank of England do?

We make sure you can pay for things:

We print the banknotes that you use to pay for things; and make sure they are strong, attractive and hard to forge.

When you pay electronically, we work behind the scenes to make sure you can make these payments

We monitor high street banks:

We also make sure high street banks are safe & sound, and look at the entire financial system to reduce risks and keep it safe so money flows to where it’s needed most.

We set interest rates:

We set the key interest rate in the economy called Bank Rate which affects interest rates offered when you put money into a savings account, or take out a loan.

We look after gold:

There are around 400,000 gold bars stored in our vaults. We look after the UK’s gold reserves and gold belonging to other central banks.

Through everything we do, the Bank supports a strong and stable economy for the public we serve.

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