"A Beacon of Excellence for Catholic Education"


"A Christ-centered Community dedicated to faith formation, academic excellence and individual growth for all of their young people, all rooted in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ."


These are fundamental to long-term success and represent the set of standards under which everyone in Romero MAC will work, and against which performance will be assessed and rewarded.


Respect and value those they work with and the contribution that they make.

Act fairly, ethically and openly in all they do.
Put their children at the centre of all that they do

Use their energy, skills and resources to deliver the best, sustainable results.


As Catholic Schools in the Romero MAC they are committed to:

Spiritual Growth

An ethos in which the Gospel message is proclaimed, community in Christ experienced, service to each other and the wider world community is recognised, and thanksgiving and worship of our God is cultivated.

Formation of the Whole Person

Providing well rounded high quality education that empowers and enables pupils to recognise their full potential and respond to what God calls them to be.

Inspire, innovate and excel

Building on the collaborative success of the Romero Partnership their schools will be inspirational, academically rigorous and innovative, achieving standards of excellence in all settings, supported by exceptionally caring staff who reflect the light of Christ.

Family Partnership

Partnering with, upholding, supporting and understanding parents and guardians in their role as primary educators of their children

Vibrant Communities

Ensure diverse, dynamic, welcoming, compassionate communities available to all.

Global awareness

Nurture the personal integrity and faith development of pupils that also challenges them to know and understand communities around the world.


Ensuring a vibrant sustainable future for their schools through unified support and prudent management of resources.

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