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Chelsea Patterson - Teacher of History
Chelsea Patterson

I have worked at STM for 4 years and enjoy having the freedom to experiment with different styles of lessons. The school is an environment which encourages growth and allows staff to teach with their own flare. I enjoy having a positive working relationship with the staff professionally through CPD and also socially through groups such as Book Club. As well as this the students are also approachable and friendly, creating a dynamic place to work.

Since working at STM there has been opportunities to progress my teaching practice through CPD courses such as Good to Outstanding and a Holocaust Education Development Programme. I have also been given responsibility to run trips abroad.

STM is a very inclusive school which provides support when needed from external agencies and from our own teaching community. External agencies have run courses on areas such as wellbeing and differentiation. During briefing session best practice is shared and developed and staff are always welcome to observe lessons if they need any extra support. The school also runs a student and staff SAHRP system which provide a chance to pass on concerns anonymously if they need to. Furthermore, the head teachers open door policy means that staff and students are able to and speak to Mrs Bowen whenever they need to.

STM is an inclusive school where everyone is made to feel welcome. It is an environment which encourages students and staff to be themselves, whether that is creatively through joining art club or end of year productions or academically through book club and game board club. It is school where students and staff can work well together to create a climate in which students feel safe to discuss their concerns to staff but also where staff feel they can have a say through joining the wellbeing team and extended leadership teams.

Kathryn Chesters – Head of Social Sciences
Kathryn Chesters

STM is a forward thinking and progressive school where in the climate of gospel values everyone is encouraged to achieve their best and be the best version of themselves.

You will continue to learn as a teacher and continue to add to a range of your professional skills. You will continue to develop your talents within the classroom, within a pastoral role as a form tutor and extend many other skills required for caring and nurturing young adults.

Support is in abundance at STM. You will be guided in various different ways as a new member of staff, as a member of a department and as a key member of staff in a pastoral team. Your wellbeing is also of a key focus within the school.

The school has a supportive and caring climate in which both staff and students are encouraged to follow the message of Christ and that of the Catholic faith. We are a family at STM, where we encourage and support one another to achieve the best we can and care for others both in our school and wider community.

Rebecca Woollam – Teacher of English & Head of Year
Rebecca Woollam

Working at St Thomas More is like being part of a family. I know that each and every day there are good-natured, supportive and encouraging colleagues all around me; students too are eager, caring and enthusiastic about their learning and life.

The support available at St Thomas More is invaluable; nothing is ever too much and I feel part of a community. Working in a climate of clear and obvious values and expectations, that are employed by staff and students each and every day, is key to this positive environment. We completely embody our school mission statement in which we aim for students to be caring, responsible and confident in order to succeed and celebrate their success.

This also extends to staff. The full potential of colleagues is also recognised and progression is strongly encouraged. I have been on a very personal, career developing journey here, and this is a testament to the care, support and encouragement I have mentioned, that is key to working life at St Thomas More.

Tina Barry – Teacher of Geography
Tina Barry

St Thomas More is like a second family. For a teacher who moved to a new country, all I can say is I’m so happy I made the decision to apply to work in STM. This school has been my family for the past year, they have offered me support, guidance and most of all their patience. This was especially important for me because I was moving to a new teaching system.

What I love most about STM is its open-door policy from departments, right up to SLT and the Head teacher’s door. A problem shared is a problem halved.

You will find a friendly and committed staff who really believe in their students and their ability to positively affect student’s lives.

Working at STM has allowed me to develop further as a teacher. Having a strong and supportive team around me, I have recognised my strengths and been able to work effectively to ensure my practice is always of a high standard.

Someone always has your back. Calling for help can include a conversation with the caretaker, the cleaner, technical support, help from a colleague, or even a meeting with the head teacher. Throughout the school year, as a staff, we support each other’s highs and lows. We celebrate the small victories and pray over difficult times. We are assured through our faith that no matter what happens, God’s love for us will be there forever.