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Please let me introduce myself: my name is Steven Pink and I am the CEO at SELDOC, and CEO of our subsidiary company Verve Healthcare. I’d like to thank you for showing an interest in this role and tell you a little bit about our business.

SELDOC is constructed as a GP Co-Operative and we have been operating since 1996. As a member-owned organisation, we don’t have shareholders, but we do operate the business along rigorous commercial principles as you would expect with any business. We provide a range of services to NHS patients and these include the following:

  • Out of hours GP-led care when GP practices in South East London* are closed – patients access our services through “111”
  • Clinical support services to large hospitals covering their Emergency and Urgent Care departments as well as virtual wards
  • On-site GP-led services in a number of South West London hospitals
  • Clinical consultations with patients who have called the Ambulance service in need of assistance. *Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham

As a “patient-first” organisation we are proud of the part we are able to play in providing NHS care. Our patients are everything: our focus, our motivation and the reason we exist.

We have also developed a relatively new business to serve the needs of private sector businesses who require primary care services (GP, physiotherapy and mental health) to support the wellbeing of their workforce. This is a natural extension of the care we have been delivering to more than one million patients over the last twenty-seven years.

Our ambition is to grow our NHS and non-NHS business so that we are able to deliver great care to an increasing number of people. The CQC have rated us as “Good “ on each of the variables they review and we do not take this for granted. Across our entire business, we focus relentlessly on our performance across three key variables: clinical, operational and financial.

The Finance Director is a vitally important member of our Executive Team and Board. As well as making sure we have a firm grip, contract-by-contract, on all financial variables including revenue, cost, margin and cash, she/he has an opportunity to influence the strategic direction and overall performance of our business. Having more than one company in the Group can make this complex on occasions.

We live by our values and these are shown below:

  • Patient-first
  • Compassionate
  • Competent
  • Empowering
  • Adaptable

You will join an Executive Leadership team which is committed to the business, supportive and low-ego. This works for us and the supportive team culture is brought to life on our daily calls where we review key priorities and help each other as needed. It is great working in SELDOC, and I very much hope there will be an opportunity for you to join us.

Through this recruitment process, there will be an opportunity for us to have an informal chat.

With kind regards

Steven Pink

About us

About us

In 1996, SELDOC was established as a GP co-operative to provide out of hours primary care to patients across southeast London. Our local knowledge and experience over the past 26 years has resulted in strong relationships with other local partners and we now provide services for 2 million patients. We have developed and expanded our services for the benefit of our patients. 

Our People 

We are a clinically led organisation where every decision we make is focused on our patients. For us, good care is everything. We have a diverse workforce which includes clinical professionals, project managers, operational leaders, business professionals and administrators. We recognise and value the importance of our workforce and the role that each individual plays in delivering excellent care. 

Executive Team 

We have a multidisciplinary executive team which has more than one hundred years of combined NHS experience in healthcare. Its skills have been gained in primary and secondary care in multiple settings. This team leads SELDOC clinically, operationally and financially. Where it makes sense for patients, we extend our reach into new services and new geographies. 

To view the annual report for 2021/2022 click here

Why work for us

Why work for us 

We are committed to providing quality care to our patients who are often afraid and vulnerable when their GP is closed. We do this by working together. 

Working collaboratively is part of SELDOC’s DNA, no matter whether you are a duty clinician or an Operations Support Officer. SELDOC’s cooperative ethos extends to our workforce and means every staff member is consulted on a regular basis, and your feedback informs our ongoing programme of innovation and service enhancement. 

When you join SELDOC, you become part of a motivated team that’s dedicated to excellence in patient care –and an organisation where your views are valued. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

SELDOC celebrates diversity as we believe it enhances our service. It is no coincidence that SELDOC’s Board reflects the makeup of the workforce and this is underpinned by SELDOC’s commitment to employee advancement and equal opportunities for all.  

SELDOC provides a role-specific tailored induction programme for new employees and actively encourages career advancement throughout the organisation. If you have a strong work ethic and a passion for patient care, we want to hear from you. 


Our purpose and values 

Our purpose is to deliver trusted healthcare to the communities we serve. Working together with local partners, we will develop and provide healthcare services to benefit patients and to make a better NHS. We are committed to providing high quality services for NHS patients. 


  • We work together to provide exceptional care which local communities can trust; 
  • We prioritise our patients’ needs over everything else; 
  • We treat and care for our patients the way we would want to be treated and cared for. 


  • We respond to those who need our help with kindness and empathy; 
  • We value diversity and treat everyone with respect; 
  • We listen to others and ensure every individual has the opportunity to be heard. 


  • We achieve amazing results through clinical, operational and financial expertise; 
  • We take responsibility for our actions and hold each other to account; 
  • We deliver safe and reliable care. 


  • We empower people to make the right choices by keeping them informed; 
  • We provide our people with the tools they need to be brilliant at their jobs; 
  • We work hard to learn from and build on our successes.


  • We embrace innovation and adopt new technologies to provide better care for our patients; 
  • We are committed to developing long-term partnerships that benefit the quality of our care; 
  • We remain dependable during times of change or disruption. 

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