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Are you Paxton and Whitfield‘s next Financial Controller?

Making an Impact

As a family business for over 225 years, we still follow the principles of our founders – buying to quality rather than price, supporting small suppliers, promoting traditional, artisan methods of production and doing our utmost to keep local traditions alive and profitable.

Closely Intertwined with Nature

The artisan cheese and fine foods that we sell are handmade by passionate makers who remain hands-on during the process to ensure the quality of their food. Artisan cheese can vary in flavour from batch-to-batch - it depends on the season, the grass that the animals are eating, the condition of the soil and how the climate affects the cheese maturation. Never boring, over-processed or mass-produced, the artisan cheeses and fine foods that we sell are so closely intertwined with nature and the environment.

Our People

We see all of our employees as custodians of the business. Without confident, motivated, performing teams, we cannot achieve a successful future. We are committed to creating a positive workplace culture where employees are provided opportunities and are professionally challenged within a supportive, caring environment.

A gentleman buys his hats at Locks, his shoes at Lobbs, his shirts at Harvie and Hudson, his suits at Huntsman and his cheese at Paxton & Whitfield.

—Winston Churchill

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