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Imagine a world where doctors are able to target and remove pathogens, such as harmful cells, bacteria, toxins, and inflammatory cytokines, directly from a patient’s bloodstream. The ability to precisely extract unwanted disease causing substances in this way would revolutionise the treatment of deadly blood-borne diseases, benefiting patients and clinicians around the world. That is MediSieve’s vision for the future of healthcare, and it can be achieved through the use of our innovative technology.

Cristina Blanco-Andujar

Cristina Blanco-Andujar, Chief Technology Officer


About Us

MediSieve is a London biotech start-up developing Magnetic Haemofiltration, a revolutionary platform therapy that enables the physical removal of specific substances from the bloodstream of patients. It can be used (1) as a direct treatment, (2) to increase the safety and efficacy of other therapies, or (3) to enable personalised medicine. A unique, lifesaving and often cost-saving solution, there are several multi-billion-dollar markets available for this product in oncology, infectious diseases, auto-immune diseases, poisoning, drug overdose and others, with hospitals and large pharma/biotech companies as target customers. The company has two active programs at the moment: (1) direct therapy for IL-6-driven hyperinflammation and (2) enabling therapy for AAV gene therapies. In Q1 2022, the former programme will undergo its first clinical trials.

MediSieve is a spin-out form University College London, founded in 2015 by the CEO & Founder George Frodsham. The company has raised a total of £4M in equity funding and won grants worth a total of over £4M from the Wellcome Trust, Innovate UK, NIHR i4i and the EU Horizon 2020 SME Instrument.

MediSieve’s work culture nurtures communication and team spirit through various work and social activities. We care about the wellbeing of our employees and make sure to include everyone’s opinion on the issues that matter. The company values diverse voices and believes that all problems should be addressed and discussed to find the best solution!



  • Hybrid working conditions

  • 3% Company pension

  • 25 days holiday

  • Share options scheme

  • A vibrant community of Imperial College’s Translation & Innovation Hub


Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that diversity enables us to see situations from different points of view, leading to ideas and insights which would otherwise be missed. We are focused on building an inclusive team of people of all backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives. We are diverse in gender (58% women), origin (6 nationalities), and economic background. Everyone is welcome — there will be no judgement towards things that make you You!



Our Office

Central Working White City

84 Wood Lane

W12 0BZ


United Kingdom