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Part-time Administrator Birmingham £9.30 plus holiday pay
Admin Assistant - Housing Birmingham £9.30/hour plus holiday pay
Civil Litigation Legal Assistant Birmingham £10.69 Per Hour



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About Birmingham City Council

About Birmingham City Council

Over a million people live in Birmingham: a wonderfully diverse city. They deserve a council that can be trusted to deliver for them and with them. It's a huge responsibility and Birmingham City Council hasn’t always been successful, but has learnt from the past and is now reinventing itself for a bright future.

Birmingham will be a city of inclusive growth where the opportunities and benefits of progress and investment are felt by all. Birmingham City Council’s focus is on four key priorities – children, housing, jobs, and skills and health – because these represent the areas of greatest opportunity and challenge for the city.

Birmingham and the wider region have entered a golden decade, a period that will culminate in the arrival of High Speed Two rail in 2026. The benefits of economic growth must be felt right across our city and in all our communities and neighbourhoods.

The city council is just one player in achieving these priorities. There is a much broader conversation to be had to strengthen connections with partners and citizens, with businesses and central government to develop a shared longer-term vision.

Birmingham should be a great city to grown up in and grow old in; a city of lifelong learning; a city with decent housing for all which provides the foundation for raising families and building careers. A city where people are healthier and communities grow stronger.


Birmingham City Council has a core purpose of making a positive difference every day to people’s lives and it puts the right values at the heart of its effort to achieve this. It goes without saying, therefore, that everything the council does needs to be driven by a collective commitment among its employees to demonstrate these values in daily behaviours.

It is a shared responsibility to support and challenge one another to live up to expectations and, critically, to ensure that they do their utmost to put their citizens first by delivering outstanding services. These shared values mean the council’s workforce can achieve the full potential for their communities and themselves.



Our location

Birmingham is a brilliantly diverse and creative city.

The Council’s Planning and Development team is already involved in major growth projects, committed to an ambitious 15-year growth strategy.

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10 Woodcock Street,
B7 4BL
1 Lancaster Circus,
B4 7DJ
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