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A (remote) day in the life

"No two days in the life of a JA are the same. A typical day working from home begins with coffee and, if my Justice is hearing a case, refreshing my memory on the appeal. I’ll usually have a quick video call with my Justice before the hearing starts to discuss our initial views on the case. I’ll then tune in to watch the hearing online. There will typically be a fairly constant exchange of views on the oral submissions and advocacy of counsel appearing in the case among the JAs via Teams. Once the hearing has concluded, I’ll spend some time gathering my thoughts on the case.

I’ll usually then have a further call with my Justice to discuss. At that point, I’ll often find out whether the court is going to allow the appeal and which Justice has been assigned to write the majority judgment. With the remainder of my day, I might spend some time working on a bench memo (a short note summarising an application for permission to appeal) or a press summary of a judgment that the court is about to hand down.

My Justice may also ask me to investigate a particular legal point that has arisen during the course of a hearing or invite my views on a draft judgment they have produced. From time to time, I am also asked to assist with the preparation of lectures being given by my Justice.

This is just a flavour of a typical day. One of the great features of life as a JA is the fact that every day is different from the last - interesting legal issues, a challenging but stimulating workload and a need to think on your feet are the only constants."