HMP Highpoint, near Haverhill, Suffolk

HMP Highpoint is a Category C Male Training Prison which was opened in 1977 after having been used as a Royal Air Force base as well as a transit camp for Ugandan Asian refugees. In 1997 part of the prison was converted to hold female prisoners however in 2005 under the name HMP Edmund Hill it returned to a being a male only prison. In April 2011 HMP Highpoint and HMP Edmund Hill merged to become HMP Highpoint (North & South) sharing many services across both sites. Current offender population across both prisons is 1300+.

HMP Wayland, near Thetford, Norfolk / Suffolk border

HMP Wayland is a Category C male prison which opened in 1985. The prison has increased in size over the 30 years plus it has been open, now with 13 residential units housing over 1000 prisoners. The prison is well known for its fantastic education departments which focus on basic key skills in a range of workshops and training facilities on site.

HMP Littlehey, near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

HMP Littlehey is a Category C prison for males focusing on high quality offender behaviour programmes as part of the many services being offered to help with offender rehabilitation. In 1988 the site was opened as a male prison having been previously a borstal for juvenile adults known as Gaynes Hall. In January 2010 the prison opened a large expansion to its current site to hold its current population of over 1200 prisoners.

HMP Bedford, Bedfordshire

HMP Bedford is a Category B male prison holding both serving prisoners from the local area as well as people who are currently on remand to the local courts. The prison has been at its current site since 1801 having been extended twice, now holding around 500 prisoners. There is a split regime in operation within the prison offering work and education on a part time basis.

HMP The Mount, near Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

HMP The Mount opened in 1987 as a young offenders institution. It was designed as a Category C training prison and built on the former RAF station on the outskirts of Bovingdon in Hertfordshire. Following a large, new build project the prison now as a population of over 1000 prisoners and tends to hold males in their last 6 months of their sentence from around the Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.

HMP Bure, former RAF Coltishall, Suffolk

HMP Bure is a Category C male prison largely used to hold convicted sex offenders from the East of England. It’s one of the most recently build prisons in the region and named after a local river it’s located on, on the former RAF Coltishall site which was once home to the ‘Jaguar Force’. The prison has been extended and now holds up to 656 offenders.

HMP Norwich, Norfolk

HMP Norwich is a Category B/C multi-functional prison for adult and juvenile males. The prison opened in 1887 on the site of the Britannia Barracks which was the former home of the Royal Norfolk Regiment. The prison has had a variety of roles over the years but currently holds around 780 male prisoners serving the local Suffolk and Norfolk courts.

HMP Chelmsford, Essex

HMP Chelmsford is a Category B local and Young Offenders Institution (YOI). Built from 1830 onwards as the county jail it has been used as long tern category B prison as well as a young person’s prison since 1987. The prison currently holds around 750 males.

HMP Hollesley Bay, near Woodbridge, Suffolk

HMP Hollesley Bay is an open Category D male prison for Young Offenders or Life Sentenced prisoners which at the parole boards discretion are allowed the extra freedom an open prison gives, often to support them in preparation for when they leave prison. The prison currently holds around 480 prisoners.

HMP Whitemoor, near March, Cambridgeshire

HMP Whitemoor is classified as a Long Term High Security prison for male offenders serving no less than 4 years in custody. The primary focus of the prison is to help rehabilitate those convicted of serious offences in order to affect positive change as well as supporting them to reduce their risks and prepare them to lead law abiding lives. In doing so, the prison employs a range of evidence based offending behavior interventions along with vocational and educational programs all designed to promote a pro-social attitude and eventual safe reintegration to the community.

HMP Warren Hill, near Woodbridge, Suffolk

HMP Warren Hill opened in 1982 to accommodate category C young offenders however in September 2013 it was decided to change its purpose to hold category C male prisoners who cannot move to an open prison and are working to a progression regime. The prison currently holds 260 males.

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