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Democratic Services Officer Epping £31,626 per annum
Democratic and Electoral Services Manager Epping £46,301
Team Manager- Business Applications Manager Epping Forest £53,001
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Epping Forest
District Council
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Article: Welcome


Thank you for taking the time to visit this website and find out more about the many and varied career opportunities here at Epping Forest District Council.

We are in the process of really changing how we think about service delivery in the future and the roles on offer are a key part of that process.

Our district is facing an unprecedented period of growth, which will bring changes in demographics, in the types of services required and in the ways people access those services.

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Building services around the people we serve


An agile flexible workforce achieving our ambitions and working together and in partnership


Making the very best of our people, time and money

The role of Team Managers within our new structure is to manage individuals and teams. They will typically possess a mix of management and technical expertise, roughly:

  • 75% Management
  • 25% Technical Expertise, along with excellent communication (including listening) skills, as an essential part of these new roles.

Level 1 Managers will undertake regular One to Ones and Team Meetings and will be good at planning and organisation. They will have strong negotiation and persuasion skills.

Good team and individual performance in the delivery of customer services will mean being prepared to have tough conversations whether it’s about performance or attitudes or behaviours. They must also have the Council’s core Values and Behaviours at heart and not just talk about them, but demonstrate them too.

We are firmly committed to a policy of sustainable growth, ensuring we protect residents’ quality of life, look after our environment and at the same time build and enhance the infrastructure that supports our service delivery.

Epping Forest District has a unique history and heritage – now is the time to focus on our future and build the basis for excellent quality of life here for many years to come. If you believe that you have the drive, skills and experience to contribute to our journey, I would urge you to apply for one of these posts.

Georgina Blakemore

Georgina Blakemore,Chief Executive

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Civic Offices, High Street,
Epping, CM16 4BZ


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