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About Us

Cumbria Waste Group (CWG) is part of Cumbria County Holdings Group (CCH Group) which has become the largest provider of bespoke waste collection, and recycling services across Cumbria. With over 25 years’ experience, the business operates over multiple sites and has amassed over 3500 loyal customers of varying sizes within the county boundaries. The company delivers comprehensive and tailored waste management packages and solutions to ensure their customers’ waste is processed in a safe, compliant, efficient, and environmentally friendly manner.

Fast forward to 2022 and CWM have recently expanded into new geographical territories including the North East and North West and is at an exciting time of transformation and growth.  CWG are embarking on an expanded capital programme including building a new processing plant to further expand operations.  The ambitious Board of Directors actively seek growth, both organically and through acquisition, supported by their strong foundation & balance sheet.

CWG are committed to their strong Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) stance within the recycling industry, something which plays such an important part in today’s society, preserving our environment for future generations.



Cumbria Waste Group have several waste management sites across Cumbria and the North East;

Cumbria Waste Group, Unit 5A, Wavell Drive, Rosehill Industrial Estate, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 2ST

At the on-site MRF (Material Recycling Facility), we sort mixed wastes to recover materials for recycling that are then bulked, bailed and sold into commodity markets. Also sited at Hespin Wood is our aggregate recycling plant. This is where we crush, clean and sort mixed aggregates into reusable material for the construction and building industries. This facility alone processes around 70,000 tonnes per year.

Our site near Workington has a large waste transfer station receiving 100,000 tonnes per year.  It is also home to our liquid waste treatment plant and hazardous waste transfer station. The site is licensed to accept a wide range of waste streams.

With a team on qualified chemists based on site to offer professional guidance, the service is not only comprehensive but it also provides our customers with peace of mind that their waste is being handled in a safe and compliant way.

Our Flusco site is home to a waste transfer station where a variety of different Local Authority and commercial waste streams are bulked up to send on to other sites for further processing.

Our quarry near Carlisle is operated as a Joint Vecnture. Our Lakeland Minerals division is focussed entirely on supplying premium quality sand and gravels.

We have recently expanded our operations outside of Cumbria and set up a new MRF in South Bank, Middlesbrough, processing over 50,000tonnes per annum of mixed recyclable waste from Local Authorities into high quality recyclables to be sold back into the market and turned into new products.


Our Values

Our Company Values focus on who we are, what’s important to society and our people. They are the ‘golden thread’ that runs through everything we do; they guide our decision-making and shape our culture.

Our Values were created with input from our colleagues across our whole Group (Cumbria Waste and Orian (our FM Division) and each value is underpinned by key behaviours.

As a TEAM…

  • …We take PRIDE in the work we do

  • …We CARE about our Colleagues, Customers, Communities and our Environment

  • …We love to learn and IMPROVE, and

  • …We are always SAFE

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  • www.cumbriawaste.co.uk


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