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About us

The CareTech family of companies provide high quality care and support across the whole social care spectrum for children and adults below retirement age.

CareTech is a principled service provider working to deliver high quality, personalised care and support within a strongly person centred approach. We support adults with complex needs and care for children and young people, offering carefully designed programmes in specialist centres, many of which have schools attached.

Our services include modern outward looking residential care for children, young people and adults and we operate a significant range of supported living schemes that include individual flats, houses and grouped accommodation arrangements.

Our fostering services for children are available across the UK and in addition to mainstream fostering include dedicated specialist services for children who are disabled or have behavioural difficulties.

We are also recognised by the English Courts for our approved services that can accommodate whole families for assessment prior to Court decisions

We live and breathe quality and invest time and energy delivering innovative solutions, tailor made for the people we support.

Quality commitment and expertise are evident throughout the organisation, and not least at board level where we have the highest possible reputation and experience of social care. The board members have made a personal commitment to delivery of real down to earth person-centred support and you can find a statement of our principles through this link.

About CareTech Section 2

Founded in 1993, CareTech has proved itself as a safe, reliable and stable social care provider. The company is publicly owned and has an experienced management team drawn from social services, health, charities and the commercial world. Our professional credibility at board level is also high, including a colleague with a lifetime history of campaigning for  disability rights and another who has some 44 years’ experience as a social worker and social services manager, who continues as an advocate.

Within our group we have several distinctive companies offering both everyday and specialist support to adults, young people and children. We support individuals with a very wide range of issues including those with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder, sensory impairment, or mental health problems. We also have dedicated provision that supports people with unusual genetic disorders.

The approach from CareTech means that people can be supported in their own homes, the community, residential or nursing care and a wide variety of supported living arrangements.

Our support for children and young people ranges from high quality local fostering agencies to highly specialised residential care.

We offer support to people who have mental health issues and sophisticated pathways back to an ordinary life for people recovering from mental illness.

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