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About NDA

About NDA

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) is a non-departmental public body, created through the Energy Act 2004.

The NDA’s mission is to clean up the UK’s earliest nuclear sites safely, securely and cost-effectively with care for people and the environment.

Under the leadership of its Chief Executive, David Peattie, the NDA is undergoing a change in the way it is organised. The creation of ‘One NDA’ will transform how the NDA manages its businesses – working together to find more effective and efficient approaches to nuclear clean-up and decommissioning, on behalf of the UK tax payer.

There are around 16,000 people who help deliver the NDA’s mission and they make up one of the most advanced nuclear workforces in the world.

The NDA plans to capitalise on this wealth of experience and talent, harnessing the opportunities that come from the scale and breadth of the group.

In 2016 Sellafield Ltd became a subsidiary of the NDA and, in September 2019, Magnox Ltd also became a wholly owned subsidiary.

These are some of the key decisions that are changing the way the NDA operates to deliver its mission more effectively.

To find out more, download the One NDA Handbook below:

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The NDA’s role is to secure the safe and efficient clean-up of Britain’s nuclear legacy at 17 sites across England, Wales and Scotland. This includes implementing policy on the long term management of nuclear waste. Created by the Energy Act (2004), The NDA is a Non-Departmental Public Body accountable to government for delivery of the mission and how taxpayer money is spent. The NDA reports to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and for matters affecting Scotland, it is responsible to Scottish ministers.

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Our sites

Magnox Ltd

Magnox Ltd is responsible for 12 nuclear sites across the UK. Activities include defuelling at Wylfa, and decommissioning at Berkeley, Bradwell, Chapelcross, Dungeness A, Harwell, Hinkley Point A, Hunterston A, Oldbury, Sizewell A, Trawsfynydd and Winfrith. Magnox also generates electricity at the Maentwrog hydroelectric plant. The organisation became a NDA subsidiary in September 2019, having previously been managed under a parent body organisation model and owned by Cavendish Fluor Partnership Ltd.

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Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL)

DSRL is responsible for cleaning up and decommissioning the Dounreay site in the north of Scotland and operates a Low Level Waste (LLW) disposal facility to deal with waste from the site. The organisation is managed under a parent body organisation model and owned by the Cavendish Dounreay Partnership.

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Sellafield Ltd

Sellafield Ltd is responsible for operating and cleaning-up Sellafield in west Cumbria, Europe’s largest and most complex nuclear site. This includes cleaning up nuclear facilities and safeguarding nuclear fuel, materials and waste. In May 2016, Sellafield Ltd became a NDA subsidiary.

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Low Level Waste Repository Ltd (LLWR)

LLWR manages and operates the UK’s Low Level Waste (LLW) Repository in west Cumbria, providing safe, permanent disposal for a range of radioactive wastes. The company is also responsible for decommissioning a number of legacy plutonium contaminated buildings on the site. The organisation also delivers the UK’s National Low Level Waste Programme and the associated waste management services. LLWR is managed under a parent body organisation model and owned by UK Nuclear Waste Management Ltd.

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Radioactive Waste Management (RWM)

RWM is responsible for providing radioactive waste management solutions and delivery of a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF), which includes finding a suitable site with a willing community to host a permanent and safe solution for managing radioactive waste. RWM is a NDA subsidiary.

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Direct Rail Services (DRS)

DRS provide specialist rail transport and related services to support the NDA mission and have contracts with third parties across the UK rail sector. The organisation is a subsidiary of NDA.

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NDA Properties Ltd

NDA Properties Ltd holds and manages the majority of the non-nuclear property assets within the NDA group. In addition, it also manages some selective property developments that support NDA’s wider objectives. The organisation is a NDA subsidiary and has no direct employees.

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International Nuclear Services (INS)

INS provides specialist nuclear transport, design and licensing services to the NDA group, as well as to a range of international and domestic customers. It also operates the nuclear shipping company, Pacific Nuclear Transport Ltd (PNTL). The organisation is a NDA subsidiary with locations in the UK, France and Japan.

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NDA Archives Ltd

NDA Archives Ltd is responsible for Nucleus, the nuclear archive, in Caithness. The facility is operated by a commercial partner with archiving expertise and provides long term records management and archiving services for the whole NDA group. The organisation is a NDA subsidiary and has no direct employees.

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Rutherford Indemnity Ltd

Rutherford Indemnity Ltd provides insurance cover for the NDA group. It has a particular focus on nuclear liability cover and the provision of support for changes to insurance requirements. The organisation is a NDA subsidiary, managed for the NDA by Marsh Captive Management Services, and has no direct employees.

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